Individual (One-to-One) Spanish Course

individual-lessons-2Individual Spanish Courses are completely tailor-made Spanish programmes, in which your teacher will work closely with you to identify your needs and objectives. This One-to-One programme is aimed at those who want to rapidly improve their general Spanish and who want to study specific areas of interest such as marketing, finance, law and sales. We can help you to prepare for business presentations, negotiations or meetings, and develop key skills such as business correspondence, the telephone and report writing. You can also prepare for examinations.

Our Individual Spanish Course offers our participants a flexible individual learning program. The course is designed to cater for the personal and specific needs of each student. The topics are chosen according to the particular requirements and study aims of the learner, such as Spanish for business, exam preparation or specific areas of language difficulty, such as grammar work, comprehension skills and oral communication. You can choose between 3, 4 or 6 lessons daily. If you want more or less classes than are indicated don´t hesitate to contact us.

You can take an individual course for 1 to 12 weeks. You can also start this course and then change to a group course if desired. Individual sessions guarantee flexibility and success. The teachers are able to concentrate exclusively on the student´s personal needs.

Our one-to-one Spanish Language Courses are ideal for students who wish to learn Spanish in Spain for specific purposes, e.g. business, finance or law.

As all one-to-one Spanish Language Courses are tailor-made, the student is guaranteed course contents and materials that are designed to match his or her exact requirements.

Not only is one-to-one tuition a quicker way of learning, but timetables are much more flexible and can be designed around the student’s other commitments.

One-to-one lessons can also be taken in addition to group lessons, which allows students to enjoy the atmosphere of a class, and also work on individual problem areas with a private teacher.

Spanish Course
Individual Spanish Course
Hrs. per Week:
15,20 or 30 x 55 Min.
Every monday of the year
Nº Students
from Beginner to Proficiency
morning or afternoon
Course length
1 to 12 weeks


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