Why study Spanish in Spain?

  • Excellence in learning Spanish: Spanorama Schools has a first-class record of academic achievement.
  • Excellence in accommodation in Spain: our families and appartments are all personally known to us, and only those who meet our extremely high standards are given the distinction of becoming a Spanorama family.
  • The best locations: All our schools are located in the city centres or at the best locations and are easily accessable by public transport.
  • Excellence in leisure: we have comprehensive programme of activities and excursions, giving you many marvellous opportunities to learn Spanish through leisure.

Our results prove that this combination is right. One of our proudest achievements is that over half of our students come to Spanorama Spanish Schools because they have heard of us from friends, work colleagues or relatives, or are coming back themselves for another visit. There can be no finer recommendation than this.
Thanks to our efficiently management we can therefore keep our prices low and offer you outstanding value for money. Our aim is to give our customers the best possible service at the most economical and competitive price - we think we succeed!
We are open throughout the year and there are normally students from around 40 different countries in the school at any one time.