Learn Spanish in Tenerife


Population 886.000

Tenerife is the largest island of the Canary Island. There are most varied landscapes: a mountain range with the mighty volcanic crater Cañadas del Teide, with a diameter of 20 kilometers. What else can you find in an island that has almost 365 days of sunshine and mild temperatures, besides the museums and the "normal" places of interest? The greatest and best known beaches of course!

Climate summer 30°C. Winter 19°C 
To see Mount Teide, Piramides de Guimar, The Cliffs of the Giants, Pueblo Chico and The Beaches
To do

Water atractions like Submarine Safaris or Whale Watching, enjoying the fantastic beaches, canary popular gastronomy (gofio canario, Miel de Palma gomera, Vinos de Tenerife, etc), sports (motocross, karting, horseriding, etc), excursions to Teide or Piramides de Guimar, other Canary Islands and visit wildlife parks (Parque las Aguilas, Loro Parque...).

Las Teresitas beachLocated just 100 kilometers off the western coast of northern Africa, natural beauty, unbeatable weather and age-old traditions set the tone in the unique island paradise of Tenerife. Known world-wide as the "island of eternal spring" .

The vastly diverse island of Tenerife is a nature lover's utopia, a backpacker's paradise and a sun-seeker's dream. Nearly half of Tenerife's lands are protected by the government, allowing for the conservation of lush pine forests, colorful fields of wildflowers, plunging cliffs, natural volcanic craters and culminating with the often snow-capped Mount Teide- the highest peak in Spanish territory.

AuditoriumMuch of what makes Tenerife so fascinating is the ever-changing flora and terrain. Contrasting the dry, flat and beach resort-laden south are the impossibly green banana plantations, rugged coastline and rocky coves of the north.

Set into such fascinating natural surroundings, the north is also home to the island's most interesting towns, ranging from capital city hustle and bustle of Santa Cruz to the quaint small-town charm of Garachico. Outside of the towns you'll find endless opportunities for walking, hiking, biking, horseback riding, canyoning and rock-climbing- not to mention stunning views overlooking sweeping valleys and the crystalline blue ocean. 


The School

Our partner Spanish school is located in Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife's second largest tourist city. It's a setting full of lush gardens perfect for strolling, along with plazas and promenades with open-air spots for drinking and eating. The greatest attraction in Puerto de la Cruz is Lago Martianez, a group of seawater pools conceived by local artist Cesar Manrique, where bathers can enjoy the sun, water and beautiful surrounding gardens.

A small, familiar school with the capacity for 170 students, Enforex partner school in Tenerife is perfect for beach and sun lovers looking to learn Spanish in an intimate setting.
Minimum student age: 18 years old
 Tenerife school
In the city of Puerto de la Cruz, northern Tenerife
5 minute walk from the Martianez Beach
2 minute walk from the "Lagos Martianez"
10 minute walk from the City Hall
A traditional Canaries building, the Edificio Bélgica
7 classrooms full of natural light, all with multimedia equipment
Wi-Fi wireless internet throughout the school 
Interior patio
Teachers' room
Reception office
Common room with TV, stereo, library and videos

 Tenerife school

Spanish Courses

Flexibility, variety and quality: these are the elements that define Spanorama Spanish programs in Spain.

Courses starting every Monday, all year round
Minimum course duration: 1 week, and up to 1 year
Maximum 10 students per class, average 5-6
5 hours of cultural lessons and workshops every week
Combine your course in different cities!

Get to know the characteristics, destinations and prices of all of our Spanish courses in Spain on these pages.

Intensive & Super Intensive Spanish Course
Spanish course

ENFOREX offers 4 different types of Intensive Spanish courses:
10 lessons per week: "Semi-Intensive/ Part Time"
20 lessons per week: "Intensive"
20+5 lessons per week: "Intensive+"
25+5 lessons per week: "Super Intensive+"

The Intensive & Super Intensive Courses are the classic Enforex programs. You will work on every language skill plus learn about Spanish language cultures with 5 extra lessons per week (+5). The Intensive program is available at all 6 levels, with each level divided into subgroups to make sure you’re placed exactly where you should be.



Student Groups Traveling to Spain
Students at lesson

If you’d like to come to Spain with a group of at least 8 students, we’re happy to help you design a personalized Spanish program with activities and excursions at discounted prices.

In order to assure the highest quality service and guarantee that the course is customized to your group's interests, we have established two types of groups:

Open Group
If the participants of the group do not have the same Spanish level, they will take Spanish classes along with the other students in the school, but the culture classes will be kept exclusively within the group. This kind of grouping is only available when you choose one of our general Spanish courses (10, 20, 20+5 or 25+5 lessons per week).

Closed group
All of the students participating in this group have the same level of Spanish and take classes together in the same classroom (maximum 10-15 students per class).

One on One Spanish CourseStudents at lesson

Tailor-design the best curriculum for your needs and desires! If you want to optimize your study time and enjoy a fully personalized method of teaching, this course is the best option.

The minimum duration is one 55-minute class per week (except in Tenerife) and you can decide the schedule and content of the program. Within a short period of time, you will begin to learn Spanish through an individualized course of study in grammar, speaking, listening, reading, writing and vocabulary.



The following Enforex accommodations are available in Tenerife:

Host Family
Shared apartment
Living with a host family has two major benefits. First, it's the best way to get to know Spanish culture and see what daily life is like for a native Spaniard. Secondly, our host families will speak to you in Spanish 100% of the time, helping you practice the skills you're working on in class in an authentic context.

Host families are carefully selected to ensure that your stay be as pleasant as possible. We do our best to find home stays that will treat you as part of the family.

We will always try to accommodate you within 10-30 minutes - on foot or via public transportation - from the Enforex school, even in big cities like Madrid and Barcelona. You may choose between a single or double room as well as half board (breakfast & dinner) or full board (all meals).


Student Apartments
Shared apartment
Our student apartments in Spain bring together international students from the Enforex school in a pleasant, open atmosphere. The apartments are not luxurious, but are completely furnished and equipped. No meals are offered but each apartment has a kitchen with a microwave, pans, cutlery and everything you might need to cook your own food.

There are apartments of different sizes and characteristics, booked according to availability. Most of them are located within walking distance from the school or are accessible by a short ride on public transportation. You can choose between a single, double or triple room.

Hotels & Private Apartments

In every city, there are rooms of varying sizes and apartments from studios to multi-bedrooms within walking distance from the school.

In all Enforex destinations we have private apartment accommodations specially available for our students; you can choose between a studio (1-2 people) or a one-bedroom apartment. If you prefer to find your own private accommodations, we will be more than happy to suggest and/or book hotels, hostels and apartments for you according to your needs and preferences.




Cultural ActivitesActivities

The Tenerife Spanish school organizes weekly afternoon and evening activities designed for you to better understand Canary and Spanish culture. Plus, it's a great setting to get to know your fellow international schoolmates! Some typically scheduled activities are:
Salsa dance classes
Spanish movie projections
Culture classes on a variety of topics: Spanish youth, Spanish wine, literature, art...


Weekend Excursions

Tenerife is a lush island full of incredible natural sights, Escursionsfrom mountains to volcanoes, wildlife reserves, beaches and lakes. We'll help you discover the real Tenerife on weekend trips like these:
Teide: The famous mountain of Tenerife (one or two days)
A day in the countryside: barbecue
La Gomera: a small island near Tenerife (two days)
La Caldera – La Orotava (Villages)
Masca (Village in the mountains)
Anaga – los carboneras (trekking in the mountains)
La Laguna (former capital of Tenerife) – Cruz del Carmen (bathing resort)
Santa Cruz de Tenerife



Intensive & Super Intensive Courses + 5 cultural lessons
Tenerife Destinations

  Intensive Super Intensive Part Time
  Duration / Weeks 20 + 5 lessons
per week
30 + 5 lessons per week 10 + 5 lessons per week
  1 week 179€ 285€ 130€
  2 weeks 358€ 570€ 260€
  3 weeks 537€ 855€ 390€
  4 weeks 716€ 1.140€ 520€
  5 weeks 875€ 1.375€ 625€
  6 weeks 1.050€ 1.650€ 750€
  8 weeks 1.320€ 2.080€ 960€
  + extra week 160€ 250€ 115€

Starting Dates:
Intensive course any Monday; Super Intensive course: non-beginners any Monday; beginners every 1st Monday of each month.
Non beginner & beginner, All levels

Tenerife general terms:
Registration & application fee: 65€
Study materials and textbook: 20€ in Cadiz, included in Tenerife
Maximum students per class: 10 in Cadiz, 8 in Tenerife
1 lesson = 50 minutes

One on One Course

  Lessons 1 lesson 5 lessons 10 lessons 20 lessons 25 lessons 1 extra lessons (25+)
  1 student in class 40€ 195€ 380€ 740€ 900€ 35€
  2 students in class 30€ 145€ 285€ 540€ 650€ 25€

Starting Dates:
Any weekday
Supplement per class outside normal hours (ask for availability):
18 €
All Levels

General terms:
Registration & application fee: 65€
Study materials and textbook: included in Tenerife
1 lesson = 50 minutes

Student Group Travel Prices

Prices, dates, timetables, duration, & course content according to the needs of the group

Excellent group prices!!! Please contact us

Accommodation Prices:


Host Family
    Breakfast Half Board Full Board
  Host family Double room 169€ 189€ 219€
  Individual room 199€ 219€ 249€
  Premium host family Individual room - 335€ 395€
  Individual room - 395€ 465€

Host family price includes: bed linens, blankets, laundry once per week & meals
Premium host family price also includes: Internet access & private bathroom

Shared double room (with another student in the same room): If you reserve a double room and there is not another student with whom you can share, we reserve the right to change your room at any time.

Tenerife accommodation placement fee: 30€

Extra day: 35€ in double room; 45€ in single room.
Extra day premium: 55€ in double room; 75€ in single room

Shared Student Apartments

  Price per week Regular With daily cleaning Premium
  Double room 125€ per week 199€ per week 545€ per week
  Single room 189€ per week 259€ per week 685€ per week
  Double room for single use 219€ per week 289€ per week 785€ per week

Apartment price includes: Bed linen & cleaning service in communal areas once a week, access to fully-equipped kitchen and laundry room, shared bathroom, shared TV, maintenance and repairs, gas, electricity and water costs
Premium apartment price also includes: Private bathroom, daily cleaning and Internet access
Premium apartment must be paid at time of booking and in case of cancellation no refund or credit towards puchase of other products applies.

Private bathroom supplement: 60€ (double room), 100€ (individual room) per week
Extra day regular apartment (max. 3 days): 35€ per day in double room, 45€ per day in single room
Extra day premium apartment (max. 3 days): 95€ per day in double room, 105€ per day in single room

Upon your arrival a deposit of 150€ will be required when staying in Shared flat – Student apartment. This deposit will be returned at the end of your stay provided there are no damages.

Shared double room (with another student in the same room): If you reserve a double room and there is not another student with whom you can share, we reserve the right to change your room at any time.

Private Apartment
  1 bedroom apartment
995€ per week
  2 bedroom apartment
1.295€ per week
  extra day (max. 3 days)
169€ per week
Price includes: Daily cleaning and Internet acess
Price includes VAT
Private apartments must be paid at the time of booking and in case of case of cancellation no refund or credit towards purchase of other products applies.
Prices are approximate and subject to surcharges during fairs, conventions, high season (From June 13th to August 29th), national/local holidays. Exact price quotes will be provided when requesting availability.
Tenerife accommodation placement: 30€